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Laboratory Experiments

To participate in laboratory experiments being run by researchers in the Social Psychology Research Laboratory (SPYRL), you must register online ( By registering online for a laboratory experiment, you are indicating your willingness to participate in an experiment. Not all people who register, however, will be randomly selected and invited to participate.
Rules for laboratory experiments
  • For each experiment, a certain number of registered persons will get an invitation email. Only those invited will have the right to take part in the experiment.
  • If you receive an email inviting you to participate in a specific experiment, you must confirm that you will appear at the scheduled time and place in order to participate in the experiment. You will only be scheduled if you do.
  • Every individual who participates in an experiment will be compensated for his or her time. Compensation will depend on the study, but often the amount individuals receive will depend on the participant’s and the other participants’ choices during the experiment.
  • Each experiment will require participants to read and follow the instructions outlined by the experimentalists. Prior to participating in the experiment, participants will receive an informed consent document that provides them with information about the experiment as well as about their rights as a research participant. All individuals will have to read and sign this document before they will be allowed to participate.
  • If you register for an experiment and confirm that you will show up at the scheduled time and place, please keep in mind that if you do not turn up or turn up late the experiment might be cancelled because of a lack of participants.

Therefore, by registering for laboratory experiments, we ask that you agree to inform the researchers at least 24 hours prior to the experiment if you are unable to attend at your scheduled time. Moreover, please know that each time you miss an experiment for which you have been enrolled, a distinctive mark will be added to your reputation score (see your personal data on the web site once you have registered online). The more distinctive marks you have the lower your chances to be invited for future experiments. Once your reputation score contains three distinctive marks, you will not be invited anymore to take part in experiments conducted by researchers of the Faculty.

Internet Experiments

The rules for Internet experiments will be announced at the registration page for the specific experiment.

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